Full 3K AstroX Quality Carbon Fiber airframe(Silky Coated/Round edge for arms/Chamfer edge added)

Rigid 2mm bottom and 2mm top plate and 5mm removable arms

2mm X-reinforce Carbon plate and 8pcs of STS304 + Anti-Vibration damper for perfect tuning.

1.5mm Side plate for Mini size Cameras (fit for mini and Micro / RUNCAM, FOXEER) 

Black Nickel plating 12.9 grade carbon steel flat type screws

Easy grip and lightweight hollow stand-off

Alu6061 Standoffs for Silicone damper FC (Thread height = 9mm)

Easy Lipo Access (suggested Lipo is a 1300mah - 1800mah 4s)

3D printing parts

Frame Kit Parts List (other devices is not included)

Carbon Parts (Silky Coated)

4 x 5mm RIGID arms (round edge)

1 x 2mm Top Plate 

1 x 2mm Base Plate 

1 x 2mm X-Reinforce brass plate (chamferd edge)

2 x 1.5mm Side plate for camera (Mini and Micro)

Metal Parts

8 x 32mm Alu6061 new Standoff + Extra  2 x 32mm Alu 6061 Standoff for Antenna mounting

4 x Alu6061 Standoff for Silicone Damper FC (9mm Height Thread)

1 x Set STS304 insert nut for X-reinforce plate

1 x Set of Screws (12.9 Carbon Steel / Black Nickel Plated)


1 x set of 14AWG power cable(red, black) with Black XT60H

1 x set of Silicone Damper for X-brass (middle plate)


2 x Coated Lipo Strap

1 x STICKY 5mm Lipo Pad

1 x Stickers


GoPro7 Mount (3D Printing parts)