Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe (Base plate 2T /  Round cut).

AstroX Silky finish coated (All carbon parts - Carbon dust free).

Frame size for 3" propellers, 130mm motor to motor.

New 20mm Alu 6061 T6 standoff 4pcs and 22mm 1pcs.

12.9 Carbon Steel M3 screws (Black nickel plated).

M3*6mm Nylon Standoff, nut and washer.

New Silicone ring for FC

Lipo strap small 190mm (2pcs).

Designed under 22mm size cams (recommand camera : 14mm W x 14mm H size micro camera).

Alu 6061 T6 camera mount for14mm x 14mm camera ( wide FPV camera angle )

Super light weight and super rigid for racing

Speed around : 130km/H (4s)

Frame full setup weight : under 130g (Frame,FC,ESC,Motor,Reciever,Camera,VTX,Velcro strap,Ant)

frame size : 130mm


XNOVA 1407-3500kv (AstroX edition)

High performance and finest CNC quality

Ultimate efficiency

Low cogging torque and smooth running

Precise balanced and fully tested

Recommand set up

3s-4s lipo battery.

FX806T micro VTX and camera

4in1 20A ESC with 5V BEC (BEC for VTX and Camera)

30.5mm x 30.5mm hole standard size FC (BEC 5V for FC and Reciever)

1406 motor - 3500kv ~ 4000kv for 3s

1407-3500kv for 3s~4s

HQ prop 3x3x3 PC prop


1 x 2.5mm carbon fiber unibody base plate (Round cut, Silky coated)

1 x 1.5mm carbon fiber top plate (Silky coated)

1 x 1.5mm x 2 side wall plate (Silky coated)

1 x 1.5mm Camera wall plate (Silky coated)

1 x Alu 6061 T6 Camera mount

1 set of 12.9 carbon steel screws (black nickel plated)

1 set of aluminum hardware (4x4mm and 1x22mm standoff)

1 set of Alu Standoff, hex nut, and washers

1 set of Silicone ring for FC

2 x Lipo strap

1 x Lipo pad

4 x XNOVA 1407-3500kv (AstroX edition)